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Machinaka Gallery


What is drama

Stores, transportation and public spaces
​ is the general name of the gallery born from the encounter ​

Any art on display
can be purchased.

There is a work that catches my eye at the coffee shop I always go to when I read.
I fell in love with it after visiting it a few times.
Buy it and hang it in your living room.

Live with such joy.

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Machinaka Gallery MAP


​Exhibiting Artists

I want to exhibit my art

Please feel free to contact us from


① Author name
② Contact
③ Residence area
④Art genre
⑤ Links to websites, SNS, etc. that publish works and activities
⑥ Desired space type
​⑦ Other questions

Those who want to provide a store or space

①Store/space name
② Contact
③ Place
④ Spatial genre (coffee shop, apparel store, etc.)
⑤ Links on HP, SNS, etc.
⑥ Desired art type
⑦Other questions

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